A Creepy Man Tried To Grab A Girl When She Had A Seizure In A Diner, But When The EMT Arrived They Set Him Straight.


Sometimes you have to let go of your ego and defer to someone who clearly knows what they’re talking about. Even if it bruises your pride. Even if they’re much younger than you. Not letting go shows poor character and, in this case, can even cost someone their life.

(I am sitting in a diner. A man, a teenage girl, a woman, and a few other diners are sitting there eating. Suddenly, the woman falls down and starts having a seizure.)

Man: “Everybody back. I know what to do. I’ll start CPR. Somebody call an ambulance.”

(He kneels next to the woman, whose head was cut on a railing when she fell and is bleeding, and gets ready to start CPR. Suddenly, the teenage girl yells out.)

Teenage Girl:”NO! STOP! Don’t do CPR!” (She runs over.)

Teenage Girl:”Sir, move over and let me help:’

Man: “Little girl, you don’t know what you’re doing. Get out of the way and let me start CPR!”

Teenage Girl: ‘shoves him out of the way”-“You don’t do CPR on a seizure patient.”

(She moves the woman away from the railing and cushions her head. It’s obvious she knows what she’s doing.)

Man: “Someone grab this b****! I need to start CPR before it’s too late!”

(He pulls the girl away and she fights back. By the time she gets free, the woman has stopped seizing. The girl puts her on her side and starts giving first aid. The woman starts breathing again and turns onto her back.)

Teenage Girl:”It’s over. I told you she didn’t need CPR.”

Man:”Okay, so you were right. Move over; I’ll take over now. I know what to do!’

Teenage Girl:”No chance, mister. She’s postictal, and you need to stay back in case she gets combative.”

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