When She Stood In The Spotlight. The Jaws Were Dropped For What She Did Next!


This girl is totally amazing! Jump roping is typically thought of as a school yard or street past time, but this goes way beyond. She has stamina that most jocks would envy and she looks like she absolutely loves what she is doing. You can tell by just watching that she loves it and is having a ton of fun.
It must have taken this young lady most of her life to get to this level of professional showmanship with a jump rope. She has to be in excellent physical shape with all the excercise. Hours a day would be my guess to learn how to jump rope like this. That means she excercises more than most people do in a week.

It is a very fun video to watch, to see her joy in what she is doing. To watch her expertise with a jump rope, she never misses a beat through the whole video.
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