She Had Been Taking Pictures For 9 Months. The Result Is Magnificent. Watch It


Danielle Celeste is primarily known for her incredible acoustic covers on Youtube: she’s covered Beyonce’s “Halo”, Taylor Swift’s “Enchanted” and Fleet Foxes’s “White Winer Hymnal”. But it was her cover of the classic, “Let It Snow” that got the best video of all time when a young woman set a gorgeous time lapse of her pregnancy to it.
She shows the whole beautiful journey by taking a photograph every day of the whole nine months of pregnancy. To add even more of a sense of whimsy, she does a time lapse of herself inhaling the air from a balloon, so as the air deflates from the balloon, it seemingly winds up right in her belly. At the end, we finally see what proud parents call their “Christmas miracle”: a healthy, happy baby girl.

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