Teen’s quick thinking saves Dad as truck almost rolls over his head

14-year old Nick Staubwent on a fishing trip with his father in late August 2017. His father’s, Bob, two friends accompanied them. It was a fun day of catching fish. When the four began loading the board onto a trailer so that they pull it out of the water, the worst almost happened.

There was a faulty transmission in the truck causing it to remain stuck in “park”. Bob went under the truck trying to disengage it. However, he did not pull the emergency brake. It was amistake that almost cost his life as the truck’s tire almost ran over his head. Bob’s head was few inches from the truck’s tire.

Fortunately, Nick and Bob’s friends were able to stop the truck from rolling up in the ramp. Bob was rushed to the emergency room and later discharged. He only had minor damage to his ear.

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