Son And Mother On The Spotlight For An Awesome Performance During The Son’s Wedding!


YouTube has a number of father-daughter and mother-son wedding dances. For those who love watching them, they can spend as much time as they can to watch them out.

Though not all of them may have the special touch that can really make you enjoy the occasion, you can miss one that can make your day. In this one, LifeFitnessBHam and his mother light the stage and give a performance which is rich of talent and funny surprises. It’s long since I saw a performance like this one!

Mother and son get into the stage and give heartfelt performances to notable songs like “Feeling Good” by Michael Bublé’ and those of other artists like Justine Timberlake and Madonna. The songs had to be changed from time to time so as to accommodate the various tastes and moves of the two.

The moment that kills this show off according to me is when the groom decides to do a solo. He should be a lucky man that he is now married, otherwise, finding someone to fall in love with could have been very challenging with the moves he shows.

I bet, this epic dance will remain in the minds of those who attended it for a very long time!

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