Quiz: What Color Is Your Memory?


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When people think of memory they often reflect upon the past and think back over all of the many things that they’re able to remember. It’s only natural to automatically do this. After all, our memories are comprised of a life’s worth of experiences, dreams, thoughts, senses, feelings, and so much more.

The strongest memories we tend to have are the ones where we can recall every little aspect and detail about them. A major part of why certain ones stay with us forever is because of the patterns and colors that are involved and featured throughout them. Colors are a huge component of not only life and our dreams, but also our memories. Without colors we would overlook tons of details and forget all about lots of stuff having ever even happened!

It follows that each of our memories is a certain color and this quiz will tell you exactly what shade of the color spectrum yours is! It’s simple and straightforward, all you have to do is memorize as many words, celebrity faces, and colors as you can. Then you’ll be tested on each category to see how well your memory performs. The quiz picks up patterns in your visual color strength recall abilities and uses them to figure out and determine what color your memory most likely happens to be. Overall, it’s a great way to challenge yourself while testing your eyes, mind, and memory, so try it now and see what it reveals about you!

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