This Photo Taken By A 5-Year-Old Is Going Viral. Why? Look Closely At The Baby.


#1 Australian Photographer’s Baby Daughter Became Sick

Australian photographer, Kelli Bannister’s baby daughter was not feeling well. She had a fever. Kelli decided to climb in the shower and let the cool water run, while she rocked her to sleep.


#2 Her Son Taj Began To Snap Photos

Her five-year-old son, Taj, entered the room with Kelli’s phone and began to take photos of his mom and little sister.


#3 Fun, Happy Photos

Most of the photos Taj captured were very cheerful and showed the fun side of motherhood. Kelli commented on the photos her son took: “He was actually being silly and took a few selfies as well, but in the midst of everything, he caught a very special moment that affected so many.”


#4 What It Means To Be A Mother

Taj was able to capture the raw emotion behind what it means to be a mother. It takes a look inside of one of the worst parts of motherhood, but everyone goes through it. Having to watch your child suffer through pain is the most difficult part of being a mom, but it’s unavoidable.


#5 After Posting The Photo Online

Kelli debated whether or not she wanted to post the photo. In the end, she did. Since then, Kelli has received a lot of positive feedback. “I am extremely taken aback by the huge response this has received… but at the same time, I’m incredibly humbled at how much of an emotional impact this has had on so many amazing people,” she said.
“Some of the stories I have read have been truly heartwarming. I think it has gone so viral because people can relate, moms and dads have been there, done that, and are doing that! It’s a tough gig sometimes, and many people don’t talk about it.” Thank you for capturing such a beautiful moment Taj!

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