No One Could Get Close to this Lost Dog Until She Did This


#1 Amanda Guarascio & A Lost Dog

Amanda heard about this lost dog at Evans Creek near Mount Rainier in the state of Washington. People said they’d been feeding him occasional food scraps and trying to get close to him unsuccessfully for about a month.


#2 He’s Soo Skinny

They dog had been given the nickname, “Baby Bear” because he was so skinny, just skin and bones.


#3 They Find Baby Bear

Amanda and a friend decided to drive up to Evans Creek to help Baby Bear. She had an idea to try to get the dog used to her. She played like she was injured and curled up into a fetal position on the side of the road.


#4 Does Her Tactic Work?

She said at first Baby Bear would growl at her, but eventually got curious enough to come close to smell her, but after 20 minutes he lost interest and wandered off.


#5 She Tries Again..

She followed him to this grassy area below and again got down on the ground with her back towards him, while slowly crawling and moving closer to him.


#6 A Very Slow Process

When Bear got uncomfortable, Amanda curled up into a ball and stopped moving. Then for an hour she continued to slowly inch closer to him.


#7 She Gets Close

Then she got right up next to Bear, he growled but she began to make whimpering and yawning sounds, which seemed to comfort him. Finally she was resting up against him.


#8 The Next Day

Amanda and her friend had to go home for the day, but when they return they found Bear “lying where she had laid with him.”


#9 She Earns Bear’s Trust

Amanda finally was able to get ahold of Bear, she says “This was the point in which he decided he never wanted to walk again.”


#10 Baby Bear Is Saved

Amanda mentioned after holding him he didn’t want her to let go: “From 9 pm on I had to carry him everywhere! I had to pick him up and put him in the truck and then we snuggled together until we got to the vet.”

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