An Old Man Approached A Cashier At One Fast Food Store, What Happened Next Has Gone Viral!


While coming from work at the start of the week, Destiny made a stop at one McDonald’s located within downtown Chicago. While she was waiting for her chance to place the order, the cashier was approached by an elderly man who wanted to know something.

He wanted some help but those who were around him took some time before they could get what he wanted. None figured out what the man wanted but some suggestions were made by the cashier before he discovered the man wanted to be helped in eating and cutting his meal.

Since it was peak-time at the store, Destiny never imagined the cashier could get the chance of helping the man as it was fully crowded. But then the unexpected happened – the cashier walked out after shutting the register to offer the needed assistance.

Luckily, Destiny was in a position record the entire act of kindness and it’s something that has gone viral.

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Destiny was standing in line to place her order at a Chicago McDonald’s. That’s when she saw an old, disabled man in a wheelchair ask the cashier if he could help him eat his food. Destiny didn’t think the cashier would oblige.


…But Destiny was blown away when the cashier shut down the register and walked out from behind the counter. He washed his hands, then proceeded to sit down and begin cutting the man’s meal and helping him eat. He had no idea another customer was taking a photo of the heartwarming scene as it unfolded.

11731973_426188214250401_1346539382820542336_o-600x847Facebook / Destiny Carreno

Destiny couldn’t hold back the tears as she snapped a photo of the cashier cutting the man’s food and feeding him. “This employee, who put everything on hold for this man, went above and beyond his responsibilities to help this handicapped customer out.” she wrote on Facebook. “That was the kindest and most humble thing I had ever seen.”

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The photo is quickly going viral with hundreds of thousands of shares. Her story puts a kind face on the corporate world of fast food — and humanity in general.

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What an awesome man for helping a stranger in such an intimate, selfless way. We need more people like him in the world! If you agree, please SHARE this touching moment caught on camera.

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