Mom gets deaf daughter a doll with hearing aids and her reaction is priceless


5-year-old Abbi Keating got the surprise of her life.

When Abbi was two years, she lost her ability to hear and stopped speaking. Amy, her mother, was, determined to assist her. She got Abbi cochlearimplants to replace her hearing function and was able to speak.

The cochlear implants are visible from the outside and Abbi is different from her peers. She also wanted a doll that looked like her. She spent a lot of time drawing dolls with hearing aids.

Amy spent a lot of time looking for a doll that with cochlear implants. When she found one online, she bought it for her daughter.

Amy presented the dolls to her daughter. The little let out a guttural scream as a way of showing her excitement. The dolls will help Abbi’s peers learn about deafness.

The dolls have been donated to Abbi’s school. She can remove and reattach the implants to show the kids how it works.

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