Life Hacks That You Just Need To Know


Want to make your life easier? Read on …

#1 Ran Out Of Swiffer Cloths

Double up a paper towel. Make sure it’s a solid brand and not to flimsy. It works.


#2 Air Out Your Sponges

Those binder clips work really well to keep your sponge upright, allowing air to circulate.


#3 Two Bowls In Microwave

Level up and you can fit both.

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#4 Hide Your Booze

A good way to conceal your drink. Mix three drops of blue and one drop of green food coloring into your favorite vodka and pour into an empty Listerine bottle.


#5 Two Way Mirror

Ever wonder if there is a two way mirror in a fitting room, or elsewhere? Put your finger up to the glass, and if there’s a gap, someone is watching you.


#6 Emergency Candles

Wow! Use a crayon and get 30 minutes of light.


#7 Organize

Get those boxes off the floor and up onto the ceiling with these tracks. Great idea.

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