The latest design of 12-foot Princess Diana tribute elicits mixed reactions

Volunteersmade a 12-foot tribute to Princess Diana that has elicited mixed reactions from the Chesterfield’s residents. They term it as “unfortunate.”

The 14 volunteers spent 120 hours creating the art piece using natural materials only. The uses eggshells, rowan berries, carnations, chamomile flowers, grass seeds, and cow parsley among other materials. Sadly, the tribute looks nothing close Princess Diana making it a laughingstock.

Emma, a local student, said this year’s dressing was a bit different but it did not resemble the beloved princess.
Others felt it was an incredible piece of art that requires recognition. Others say that art should be a talking point and it should the people laugh.

Chesterfield Borough Council spokesperson says an artwork is meant to be a talking point. The dressing was meant to attract more people to the historic town as part of the town’s tradition.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think about the design.

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