This House Looks Normal From The Outside, But Once You Go In? Uh, WOW.


#1 A Home In Goleta, California

Peter Cohen says he grew up in a dog household, but now he owns 14 cats! He designed his home in Goleta to revolve around them, although the outside doesn’t even hint at the wonders inside.


#2 The Interior Design

Inside the home’s design shows that the cats run the show. It’s clearly a cat fun house!


#3 Meet Cat Nekko

Nekko is Cohen’s oldest cat and therefore she is clearly the “queen bee” here.


#4 A Whimsical Interior

Cohen mentions that he’s spent about $40,000 and $50,000 purchasing whimsical fixtures over the years specially for his cats.


#5 14 Cats?!

With 14 cats living inside this house, you’d think that it would be in a constant state of chaos!


#6 A Lovely Oasis

But the home is actually a tranquil oasis featuring a “koi pond and calming music.”


#7 Cats Are Nocturnal

Sometime in the middle of the night, Cohen says that they’ll occasionally get woken up, because the cats rambunctiously start chasing each other.


#8 A Life With Cats

But Cohen feels living a life with cats’ eccentricities are “a small price to pay for having happy cats!”


#9 Cats Bring Joy!

Cohen feels that “the cats make the house feel alive.”


#10 The Cat Household

Cohen, his partner, and one roommate share the house with 14 rescued cats and couldn’t imagine living life any other way.

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