Hilarious Texts That Only A Mother Could Write.


Oh mom, get it together

#1 Did You Poop?

Seriously though, who asks that question?

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#2 My Son Runs Google

When your mom thinks you way more successful than your crappy day job…

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#3 LOL

That one aunt she couldn’t stand…

5d4fee1af59bc082a4dce02deb73732a.600xvia lols.me


Oh mom, what would you do without kids?

02694dce7cd35d4f521be0532e04ff17.600xvia lols.me

#5 2 Grams

When she’s secretly supporting your weed bill…

9af83bfe5e711457793ff1cf46474921.600xvia lols.me


Oh autocorrect, we absolutely love you!

647fe3a51d715f06cda656f1782a2ea6.600xvia lols.me

#7 Second Job

So that’s how the new furniture was paid for…

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