He Helped Out And Also Took A Photo, And The Story Is Now Breaking The Internet. Such A Man!


First off, let’s agree that God loves everybody, even the weak and the homeless. Eric Jason Pena was used that way.

When Jason walked into a nearby Starbucks for some coffee, he had no idea what the divine being had planned for him. He found a homeless guy sitting alone, using the free internet access offered there. Jason was impressed that this guy had bought his own coffee, and he had a dog too.

Some kids tried to play with the dog, but their parents didn’t like them touching the dirty canine owned by a shabby homeless human. Jason was touched, so he took the guy to his store and gave him a pair of boots and socks plus a nice meal. When the guy walked out, he reminded his dog that God was still helping them. So touching!

Jason had taken a photo of the man and he went on to post it online and narrating the story. Right now, that post has garnered over 500,000 likes on Facebook.

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The homeless man and his dog.

10391425_10153107124845479_3063609580685602474_n-1Facebook/Eric Jason Pena

The homeless man with his beautiful dog!

11009191_10153208260225479_2131612353963983366_o-600x450Facebook/Eric Jason Pena

“Legacy.” What a beautiful name for a beautiful dog!

10830738_10153208261465479_9166223883939790175_o-600x450Facebook/Eric Jason Pena


Here’s Legacy kissing Eric Jason Pena!

11103131_10153168402155479_8854845370293929215_o-600x450Facebook/Eric Jason Pena

Read the whole note left by Eric Jason Pena

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