9-Wk-Old With Fluffy Bouffant Hair Becomes Internet Sensation, Moms Go Crazy Over Adorable Pics.


A newborn boy from England has become an overnight sensation for flaunting a head of hair that would make Elvis jealous. Aptly dubbed “baby the bear” 8-week-old Junior Cox-Noon is already well used to getting mobbed in public, but his recent internet stardom has stolen hearts all over the world. Junior’s mom, Chelsea Noon, can hardly leave the house without dozens of people stopping her in the street to check out Junior’s ‘do.

“Usually it takes me about 40 minutes to do my weekly [grocery] shop … and now it takes me two hours,” Noon said. “Everyone stops and says: ‘Oh, my God, look at the baby’s hair, and then the next person will say, ‘He’s got so much hair.’”

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“I definitely don’t want to cut it,” she told The Mirror. “I want to see how long it actually does grow out. I don’t know where his hair has come from. It’s like a big ball of candy floss.”

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“My youngest is always running up to Junior saying, ‘I want to pinch his fat cheeks,’” Noon, 32, said. “We call him ‘Baby Bear’ because he looks a little bit like a bear but when he’s angry he also looks like a little gremlin.”

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Check out Junior’s amazing locks in the clip below!


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