If You Ever Find One Of These Things In The Woods, Don’t Touch It… And Try Not To Panic.


They’re dead man’s fingers.

#1 What Are These?

They may look like fingers rising from the earth, but they’re actually fungus. And they’re commonly called “Dead man’s fingers.”

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#2 Like Two Hands

They sometimes grow separately, and sometimes they grow in a bunch, like in this picture, resembling fingers.

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#3 Habitat

Xylaria polymorpha is the botanical name, and they usually grow from the bases of rotting or injured tree stumps and decaying wood.

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#4 Distribution

They are common inhabitants of forest and woodland areas. They can be found in Britain and Ireland, and also throughout mainland Europe and in many parts of North America.

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#5 Related To Truffles

They belong to the family of the morel and the truffle, but these ones aren’t edible.

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#6 Color

They are black or brown on the outside -occasionally shades of blue/green- and they are incredibly white on the inside.


#7 And In The End…

Towards the end of their lifespan, they look like what your dog would leave in the backyard.

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