He Cracks A Joke, But The Cockatoo’s Reaction Is Out Of This World… WOW!


I have heard many people mention that they might adopt a cockatoo as a pet. They believe they are easy to take care of because you do not have to clean them or deal with shedding. What they do not understand is that a cockatoo needs something other than cleaning. It is a social bird and needs human company than most pets do. Unlike a dog that will be content to lie down next to you, a cockatoo will want more.

A cockatoo will not feel well taken care of until it sits on your arm and plays with you. One of the things you will have to do is crack jokes to make it laugh. Yes, you have to find ways to keep it entertained. It’s the only way that you will be able to bond with it. You have to speak to it as you would to a little child who is able to understand simple speech.

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