Couple loses their 7-month-old son. 5 years later, they do something in honor of his memory

Aaron and Sarah Rinard looked forward to meeting their son Caleb. Little Caleb was born on February 2012. Unlike other children, little Caleb did not hit the milestones. Sadly, he passed on when seven month-old because of a birth-related injury.

Over the years, Caleb parents made a pact to perform regular acts of kindness in Caleb’s honor. During his birthdays and anniversary of his passing, the couple goes out for dinner and leaves a big tip. Sometimes, they pay a meal for someone else

Little Caleb would have joined kindergarten in September 2017. The couple decided to something special to mark that day. Together with their 3-year-old son, the three held a walk as if they were taking little Caleb to school.The three also brought a little red wagon filled with school supplies.

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