Big Cats That Think They’re Little Cats


It’s not their fault that their bodies are way bigger than their inner-cat-child…

#1 Cat In A Box

You can take the wild out of the cat but you can’t take the cat out of the… box? This little guy just looks to comfortable (and slightly irritable) to set free.


#2 He Just Wants To Play

Aw shucks. How would you even react if you saw this guy giving you this look while grabbing his paws? You’re supposed to run when you see an animal of this size in front of you… but how could you after looking at this guy?


#3 Something’s Not Quite Right Here…

To his credit, this big guy just wanted to help with the landscaping of his enclosure. Unfortunately he hopped in the wheelbarrow and got a little stuck. I heard he was in an uproar over the whole matter.


#4 Is This Not The Cutes Thing Ever?!

It’s hard to resist saying “Awwwww” to this little guy. I’d push this thing around the city in a baby stroller it’s so adorable!


#5 Cats Need Tans Too!

It’s not just people that love the feeling of the sun warming their bodies. This lion soaks it all in and enjoys every second of it!


#6 That Feels Grrreeaatt!

What furry animal doesn’t love a good rubdown? These tigers happily lay sprawled on the ground getting an endless stream of willing hands to pet them.


#7 Loving Lions

There’s so much affection in this picture it’s not even funny. You can see just how much these lions love their trainer, and that’s amazing!

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